A warm welcome to the newest volunteers to join the Division's Leadership: Pablo Duenas and James Sasser.

Joining us from South Florida, Pablo is taking control of, and overseeing, the division's social media streams. His current goals being (1) to sate the rising interest in the designed environment by sharing stories tailored for each stream, driving people to consider becoming a part of our organization; and (2) to create spaces for discussion within the division. His ultimate aim being to help the division be a reliable and up-to-date source of information for those on the inside and out.

And from Pittsburgh, James will be heading the marketing effort for the division. Through engaging print and digital campaigns, he'll introduce our group where it works best. His work will build on the division's continuing brand refresh, as we seek to find new ways to inspire, inform, engage, and connect our members—to each other, and to the larger field in which we practice.