Most Recent Fellow

Shraddha Nadkarni, Division Fellow, Summer 2021

While a Division fellow, Shraddha Nadkarni was a PhD candidate in the program of Urban Systems, jointly offered by Rutgers University – Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her research focused on conducting comparative studies in international urban development. In her doctoral dissertation, she was building a holistic framework through an integration of spatial, social, political, and economic components to compare the level of development in American and Indian cities.

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Program Goal

Our goal is to promote interest and career development for emerging professionals in the fields of urban planning, urban design, and historic preservation by providing an opportunity to network with senior leadership professionals and contribute to Division outreach activities.

Program Basics (Updated for 2022)

  • This year’s Urban Design and Preservation Division fellowship will span the 2022 calendar year (February – December 2022).
  • The focus this year will be on video production and assisting with preparing introductory videos on urban design and historic preservation for planning students, generalist planners, and the public.
  • Fellow will be paid up to $2,500 (if expected hours are met).
  • Fellow will be highlighted in our Division Newsletter and on our APA web page.


  • Applicant must be a current student in a field related to Urban Design or Preservation (e.g.: planning, historic preservation, architecture, etc.).
  • Applicant must be a member of the APA’s Urban Design and Preservation Division or be willing to become a member prior to beginning the fellowship.
  • Applicant must be able to commit an average of 4 to 5 hours a week (up to 125 hours for the calendar year, divided roughly equally between Spring ’22 and Fall ’22 semesters). Depending on Fellow availability, some hours could be allocated for the summer. 

Tasks and Responsibilities

The primary responsibility will be to work with Division leaders to prepare introductory videos on urban design and historic preservation for planning students, generalist planners, and the public. This work will include:

  • Identifying discussion topics, developing questions, and conducting interviews (in-person and/or virtual) with senior planning professionals and experts engaged in historic preservation and urban design efforts.
  • Developing a narrative for the video, preparing a script, and working with a professional videographer and editor to produce a short video.

Other Responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting the Division’s Communications Director with preparing the quarterly newsletter (e.g.: editing, possibly designing graphics, or helping to solicit articles).
  • Possibly writing pieces for the Division’s Membership, which will be published in the Member Library on the website and in the quarterly newsletter.
  • Assisting the Communications Director with editing or designing graphics for the Division’s website. (Fellow will not be expected to work directly on the website or web design.)
  • Participating in Leadership’s monthly one-hour conference call (schedule permitting).

Desired Qualifications

  • Strong written and graphical communication skills.
  • A willingness to work with interviewees, appear on camera, and conduct interviews in a professional manner. Having a general familiarity with video editing tools and techniques will also be beneficial. (Assistance will be provided in identifying interview candidates and making the initial contact on behalf of the student.)
  • Ability to work independently after given basic guidance on tasks.

Application Requirements

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement (max. 250 words) – Outline your academic focus, your interest in urban design/preservation, and your reasons for wanting to work with the Urban Design and Preservation Division.
  • Explain your familiarity with video editing tools and techniques. This could include links to websites or videos to show your work.
  • Provide work samples related to the type of work you’re interested in undertaking (e.g.: term paper, article, or publication for examples of editing; or graphics for examples of digital design; etc.).
  • Name and contact information for two references. (No letters needed for the initial application.) Ideally references should be able to speak to your interest in urban design and/or preservation, and your fit with the tasks and desired qualifications outlined above.
  • Letter from your school (or other official documentation such as an email from your department chair or department academic advisor) confirming you will be enrolled in a planning-related program during the Spring and Fall 2022 terms. The letter or official confirmation should be submitted with your application (if possible); or must be received no later than February 15, 2022, and prior to being selected for the fellowship.

The application period has closed for 2022. Please check back later in the year for application openings for 2023. Announcements will also be made on our social media channels as well as in our member newsletter.

About the Program

The intent of the Fellowship Program is to foster increased interest in the study of, and specialization in, urban design and historic preservation, and the interrelationship between these two areas of planning at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.

Up to two paid fellowships are awarded annually. The term of the fellowship may span anywhere from six months to one year and will include approximately 80 work hours. The fellow will receive a stipend commensurate to the agreed-upon work hours. Fellows conduct their fellowship duties remotely, and report directly to the Division's Executive Committee.