Shraddha Nadkarni is a PhD candidate in the program of Urban Systems, jointly offered by Rutgers University – Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on conducting comparative studies in international urban development. In her doctoral dissertation, she is building holistic framework through an integration of spatial, social, political, and economic components to compare the level of development in American and Indian cities.

Shraddha holds two master’s degrees: one in Urban & Regional Planning from Virginia Tech, and one in Urban Design from University of Miami. She specialized in Land Use and Physical Development and earned a graduate certificate in Metropolitan Studies. She is certified by the National Charrette Institute to organize local Charrettes. Shraddha completed her undergraduate degree in Architecture from University of Mumbai in India.

During her graduate career in the U.S., Shraddha was awarded a scholarship for the Study Abroad program in Rome for generating spatial solutions for contemporary urban challenges of this historically significant city. She was a Research Assistant for the regional governance of south Florida, in the Global Suburbanisms Major Collaborative Research Initiative of York University (Canada). Shraddha’s data collection and analysis has been acknowledged and published in journals and books on Urban Planning and Urban Geography. Shraddha’s doctoral research in urban studies has been accepted at national as well as international conferences. She was awarded a scholarship from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) for presenting her research paper at IV World Planning Schools Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Shraddha served as a Teaching Assistant at New Jersey School of Architecture for undergraduate courses in Environmental Control Systems. As a Graduate Assistant, she was also a member of the accreditation team and reviewed student works for attaining NAAB accreditation.

Shraddha has worked as a Project Architect on a variety of residential and commercial projects at Architectural companies in Mumbai. She was an Urban Planner and Special Projects Assistant in the departments of Community Development and Parks, Recreation, and Community Services in local governments of Northern California. Shraddha served as a Programme Support/Communications Intern at United Nations Headquarters in New York. She represented UN-Habitat NY Liaison Office at inter-agency meetings, drafted formal reports, conducted research for draft resolutions, and was in charge of advocacy, outreach, and social events.

Shraddha is actively involved in activities of non-profit organizations in United States and India. She promotes environmental protection, urban gardening, responsible consumption, decent quality of life for rural and marginalized communities, alternative economies, holistic wellbeing of children, access to education, public health, and animal welfare. With a strong passion for education, she currently teaches Mathematics to middle-school students at the Russian School of Mathematics.

As a Division Fellow, and in conjunction with YEP! Youth Engagement Planning, Shraddha will provide hands-on educational service towards building future leaders in the areas of urban planning and civic engagement. She plans to integrate and apply her knowledge of urban planning and design, along with her skills in school education, to develop a “Junior Planner” school curriculum for Grades 5-8.