2020: Houston — Cancelled [Posting for Reference]

Endorsed Sessions

Land-Use Planning for People of Color | Type: Storytelling Session | Track: Design, Development, and Preservation | See on Conference Website

Legacy Business Initiatives: Emerging Directions | Type: Panel Discussion | Track: Design, Development, and Preservation | See on Conference Website

Pavement to Placemaking in America's Suburbs | Type: Panel Discussion | Track: Design, Development, and Preservation | See on Conference Website

Recommended Sessions

Design, Development, and Preservation Track

Form-Based Zoning for Equitable Development

Historic Art/Architecture in Houston's Commercial Development

An Innovative Approach to Design Guidelines

Corridor Urbanism: Principles and Practice

Houston's Mid-Century Architecture and Dome

Downtown Bryan and Texas A&M University

Context-Sensitive Solutions and Equitable Outcomes

Research to Improve Planning Track

Valuing Public Space Through User Data

Transportation Track

Downtown TOD: Capitol/Rusk Corridor

Uptown Houston Transformed

Climate Adaptation and Hazard Mitigation Track

Resilience in a Post-Disaster Environment

NPC 2019: San Francisco — Conference Snaps


Endorsed Sessions

Design, Development, and Preservation
  • San Francisco Urban Transformations
  • TransformingTech: Shaping the Geography of Innovation
  • Design for Development
  • Did My Taxes Pay for That?!
Planning for Inclusiveness and Social Justice
  • Inclusive Housing Successes; Inclusive Community Aspirations
Politics, Policy, and Government
  • Sign Code Success
  • Preservation of Historic Signs
International, Comparative, and Global Planning
  • Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

2018: New Orleans

  • From Vacancy to Vitality
  • Monuments, Equality, History, Ethics
  • Confederate Monuments: What's to be Done?
  • Urban Design 201 Sessions: Parts One and Two

2017: New York City

  • Guidelines for (Design) Guidelines
  • Tactical Urbanism: People & Pavement
  • New Meatpacking District Public Spaces
  • Ethics and Images, Promises and Rights

2016: Phoenix

  • Ethics of Design Review
  • Design Practices That Help Build Thriving Communities

2015: Seattle

  • Ethics and Images
  • Community-Driven Design in Chinatown
  • Ecodistricts & Performance-Based Urban Design