Welcome to the Urban Design & Preservation Division!

The Urban Design & Preservation Division is focused on the past, present, and future of the built environment. Divisions offer a place to interact with your friends and colleagues who have shared interests and professional goals. Many of our most-active members are currently involved with some aspect of urban design or historic preservation—but even if you may not work in urban design or historic preservation at the present time, our division offers a way to build your knowledge and skills in preparation for future professional opportunities.

Any person or organization with an interest in urban design or historic preservation may join the Division, and the Division actively seeks a broad and diverse membership, with current membership consisting of planners from the private and public sectors, academia, public officials, students, and others.

Our goal is to offer our members a variety of services to expand their knowledge and skills in professional topics they are sincerely interested in. Please take a few minutes and explore the variety of resources available to our members including webinars, fellowships, articles and case studies, conference events, and more.

Division members have told us that our offerings are important to them, and as a volunteer-based organization, we rely upon our members to provide our services. If you are looking for a way to be engaged in the field in a different manner, please consider getting involved in our division as a newsletter contributor, regional networking coordinator, a proposer and/or moderator of a conference session, or in another capacity. Please feel free to contact any of the Division leaders with your suggestions and inquiries!

Brian Foote, AICP, Chair