Job Announcement: City Urban Designer (Denver)

The Denver Department of Community Planning and Development (CPD) is looking for a visionary Urban Designer to develop policy and practices that build upon our rich urban design history and further citywide goals of becoming a more inclusive, connected and healthy city in the future. Denver has grown from a small community that supplied provisions for the Rocky Mountain gold and silver miners to a national center of innovation, commerce and culture defined by resiliency and diversity in our residents. Our geographical context and strong and varied cultural heritages have aided in our great city’s successes, and the opportunities afforded to us. As we move into our future, Denver is shaping its continued growth and development with an eye toward transit and mobility, sustainability, energy conservation, and social equity, while recognizing the importance of urban design in addressing contemporary issues.


The City Urban Designer is a newly created position that has a higher HR classification, span of control, and leadership focus than current or previous urban design professionals within the department. It was designed to allow someone to focus exclusively on urban design. While the city has in the past and continues to employ planning managers and directors with urban design skillsets, this is the first position at this level to focus exclusively on urban design. 

Interested Applicants can Apply Here: Link

Published: 8-7-21