Partner Event: PastForward 2021 — Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals: Deadline February 15

We want to hear from you! What successes would you like to share at PastForward 2021? What challenges would you like to explore with your peers?

Taking place November 2-6, PastForward offers a great opportunity to share case studies on topics such as affordable housing, equitable development, climate change and organizational development. The conference also provides speakers a way to spotlight new partnerships, technology, and methods that are getting results.

Because PastForward is a place where preservationists come together to discuss critical issues and learn skills that impact preservation work at the local, state, and federal level:

  • Show how your community is becoming more resilient by preparing for disasters or mapping historic resources.
  • Break your successes into replicable steps or teach a skill in an interactive workshop!
  • Share the methods organization is telling the full American story or being innovative with traditional preservation tools.
  • Teach others practices to build stronger communities or to save historic sites.
  • Describe advocacy lessons learned or explain the laws, policies, and practices that work in your area.
  • Share innovative policies that are helping to tackle new challenges such as affordable housing, equitable development, or densification.
  • The PastForward conference is also a place where you could delve into ways preservation is relevant to bigger social issues like the affordable housing crisis and social equity.

We invite you to share your expertise and teach other preservationists the skills and lessons you have learned by submitting a proposal by February 15th! 

Published: 2-10-21