Partner Event: Planning and the Black Community | 40th Anniversary Conference Invitation

The Planning and the Black Community Division (PBCD) has reached its 40th Anniversary year! To commemorate this milestone, we have assembled a three-day, virtual conference planned for the weekend of November 6th, 7th, and 8th. Our theme, “Renewing our Commitment to Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble,” honors former U.S. Representative John Lewis and his commitment to community and social justice. 

Conference activities will include:

  • An Opening Panel—PBCD Voices: Founding Members and Early Leaders discuss Our Agenda: Then, Now, and Into the Future (Friday evening)
  • A series of presentations, panel discussions, and storytelling sessions (Saturday)
  • A virtual brunch with breakout rooms and targeted discussion to close out this three-day event (Sunday afternoon)


Register and plan to attend as we renew our commitment to serving Black communities.

Resource Links:

Once you register for the virtual brunch, click here to select your discussion topic for this event.
Proposed discussion topics are: 
  • Social Injustice and Urban Planning
  • COVID-19/Public Health and the Black Community
  • Combating Displacement
  • Addressing Housing/Homelessness
  • Promoting Transportation Equity
  • Public Participation in the Pandemic

Published: 11-7-20