Partner Event: Virtual Preservation Month

From the National Trust for Historic Preservation—

Since 1973, the month of May has been promoted to the general public as Preservation Month – a full 31 days to get out and celebrate the historic places that make up the fabric of our lives and our hometowns. However, given the sobering reality of social distancing, that act of place-based celebration is now impossible. As a country, we need a new way to experience the history around us.

This May, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has reimagined Preservation Month to allow Americans a momentary escape from the realities that now confine many of us. Each day, a new virtual experience will be unlocked for followers, allowing them a welcome escape to historic places far and wide, including exclusive experiences that celebrate the beauty, history, and inspiration of National Trust Historic Sites, sites in the Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios program, National Treasures, and more!


  • May 1: Launch of Virtual Preservation Month 
  • May 1: Release Experiences 1-7
  • May 8: Release Experiences 8-14
  • May 15: Release Experiences 15-21
  • May 22: Release Experiences 22-31

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Published: 5-4-20