Partner Program: A Nationwide Survey

PennPraxis, the center for applied research, outreach, and practice at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design, is currently conducting a nationwide survey of attitudes and opinions of people in and adjacent to the historic preservation field.

There has been increasing talk about the relevance, reach, and trajectory of preservation but little data to show what folks are actually thinking, feeling, and wanting with regard to the changing future of the field. With this survey, the hope is to provide a more empirical answer to these questions and a clearer path forward for historic preservation. PennPraxis will publish the results transparently on their website and invite others to interpret them as well. 

This brief survey (approximately 15 minutes in length) explores the makeup of the historic preservation field, how the field is changing, and how effective the field is in light of contemporary needs and emergent issues. Your responses will help our research team understand the changing community around historic preservation (including practitioners, advocates, supporters, as well as skeptics) by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the current field and probing ideas about change that could be pursued in the future.

Responses will be collected through the end of January. 

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Published: 1-30-21