Webinar (Mar 14): Ensuring Perpetuity—Effective Easement Monitoring

Newlands Mansion, Reno, Nevada (Courtesy of the National Trust For Historic Preservation)

Washington, D.C.—

March 13, 2019

3-4PM ET

Monitoring is a critical component of a preservation organization’s easement program. While regular monitoring is important to establish a property’s compliance with its easement, it can also be a valuable tool to improve relationships between an easement property owner and the easement-holding organization. This webinar provides the nuts and bolts of easement monitoring, from before, during, and after the monitoring visit. 

Speakers, including Raina Regan, Senior Manager of Easements, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and David Amott, Preservation Programs Director, Preservation Utah, will discuss the importance of developing a good monitoring routine, from developing standardized procedures, how to conduct a site visit effectively, different approaches to monitoring reports, and how to address violations. 


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