Design-Preservation Rapid Assistance Teams (D-PRAT)

From Milan, MO D-PRAT engagement

City of Milan, Missouri

Our second D-PRAT engagement began in the fall of 2022, working with the City of Milan, Missouri, to help them plan for historic preservation and public space design in their historic downtown core. It quickly grew to consider regional economic development opportunities, gateways, and re-establishing a tree canopy.

The City of Milan applied for the program and identified that they were looking for technical expertise to help reinforce the importance of the historical buildings to the vitality and future of the community. Their objective was to ask the D-PRAT to provide information and guidance on the value of historic preservation and adaptive reuse with an emphasis on downtown housing; provide direction on desperately needed corridor enhancements throughout the downtown, and identify public spaces that residents can take pride in and will create lasting value by serving as focal points for the current community and future generations.

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Town of Center, Colorado

In 2021, we worked in partnership with Downtown Colorado Inc. to assist a rural community in Colorado with a two day on-site technical workshop that helped to establish a framework for future development in the area. Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) is Colorado’s downtown association working with commercial districts to foster a local economic ecosystem to support local revitalization and activation of underutilized property, alleviate poverty, foster job and business creation, and increase local opportunity. DCI specializes in downtown organizations and financing mechanisms that support local projects.

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About the Program

The Urban Design and Preservation Division’s Design-Preservation Rapid Assistance Teams (D-PRAT) Program is a pro-bono program to support under-resourced communities and organizations in their efforts to collaboratively plan for the future as it relates to urban design and/or historic preservation.

The D-PRAT program will provide free planning assistance to local governments and community-based organizations that need planning support to address specific problems or challenges. The primary goal of the program is to make urban design and preservation planning resources available to organizations and communities that would otherwise not have access to these services or planning expertise.

If you're interested in participating or learning more, please email the Division.