The Third Place

The Third Place is a concept espoused by Urban Sociologist Ray Oldenberg in his book The Great Good Place. It refers to the notion that social surroundings are separate from the tacit social environments of home and work—the first two places. Oldenberg's premise is that third places provide for, and contribute to, civil society, creating a sense of place, democracy, and civic engagement.

As part of the 2011-2012 writing campaign, the Division extended the following question to its membership and other like-minded professionals:"What is your Third Place?"

The winning author Mike Agnew, AICP of Wausau, Wisconsin, received an iPad courtesy of the Urban Design and Preservation Division for his submission "Tom's Skelly Service."

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My One City

The My One City writing campaign sought to expose and stimulate planners' thoughts on discovering their favorite city—in 300 words or less.

The winning submission was "St. Louis" by Alexandra Reisman. Ms. Reisman was awarded a free registration for the 2011 National APA Conference in Boston.

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